Our philosophy

The Norwegian forest cats and also breeding, are our hobby. Breeding is not a profitable venture, is not just multiplying cats, breeding is a serious responsibility which requires time, sacrifice, study and all of our love. We try to reach as close as possible the original NFO choosing the right lines.

Our goal

Our goal is to breed healthy, strong cats with an excellent temper.

Why did we choose “Iberians”

We love History. We are interested in the Old Ages, the Ancient World and past civilizations. We simply liked “Iberians”.

For designing our icon, we took as model an iberian pectoral shield engraving with an iberian wolf (V-IV b.C.), and we replaced the wolf for Wilmarit’s Anna, the grandmother of our Davy Jones.Thank you, Miranda and Klaas (‘t Hof van Felis from Nederlands) for allowing us to use the picture of your beautiful Anna.