Iberians Norwegian Forest Cats

Ilithya Santaella*ES

Female NFO fs 03

Colour: Smoke tortie bicolor

Born: February- 28-2013

Sire: Grillo Voce Dell’anima Sterling Silver*ES

Dam: S*Aborgatos Cha-Cha-Cha

GSD IV – Negative

PK def – Negative

HCM – Negative

THANKS from the bottom of our hearts to her sweet “parents”, Laura from Santaella*ES, for trusting us their Angel; we know she is SPECIAL for you, so we can not tell how grateful we are. We will give her the best of us and tons of LOVE.

You fall in love with Ilithya at first glance. She is super sweet and never gets  tired of cuddles. Ilithya loves to kiss and to be kissed and enjoys spending time with you. She came to us unexpectedly,  the fate chose Iberians as her loving home.