NL* 9Levens Tizona Norwegian Forest Cat

NL*9Levens Tizona

Female NFO n o9 23

Color: Black mackerel tabby with white

Born: August-21-2013

Sire: IC. Neville Longbottom fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

Dam: S*Restless Karma Chameleon

GSD IV – Negative

PK Def – Negative

HCM – Negative

We were very interested in the mating after Neville and Karma. When it finally happened, and Karma gave birth to four beautiful kittens (“Burgos” litter from our friends of 9Levens cattery in Nederlands), Sjaak and Wendy trusted us once again. In an act of kindness, their beautiful kittens were named after our city’s folk names. Thus Tizona would live with us, without a doubt.
Tizona is a sweet, playful, beautiful lady with a wild feline look who steals everyone’s heart, and from the moment when she arrived at home, she won our affection.
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts, our dear friends from 9Levens Cattery.